Sat, May/08 Final
0 Becker
2 vs Lesley
Sat, May/08 Final
Women's Lacrosse
3 Becker
24 vs Catholic
Fri, May/07 Final
9 Becker
7 vs New England Col.
Fri, May/07 Final
2 Becker
9 vs Elms
Fri, May/07 Final
2 Becker
8 vs Eastern Nazarene
Fri, May/07 Final
0 Becker
20 at Mitchell
Sun, May/02 Final
1 Becker
2 at New England Col.
Sun, May/02 Final
4 New England Col.
5 vs Becker
Sun, May/02 Final
Women's Lacrosse
4 Elms
15 vs Becker
Sun, May/02 Final
5 New England Col.
11 vs Becker
Sun, May/02 Final
7 Becker
17 at New England Col.
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82 Becker Student-Athletes Recognized on Fall 2020 Dean's List

82 Becker Student-Athletes Recognized on Fall 2020 Dean's List

LEICESTER, Mass. – Shortly after Becker College announced their Dean's List for the fall semester of 2020, the Becker College Athletic Department announced that 82 student-athletes were named to the Dean's List from the previous semester.

Published each semester, the Dean's List recognizes all full-time students (24 or more credit hours earned for the academic year; a minimum of 12 credits each semester between September and May) whose term grade point average is 3.50 or higher with no grade below a B- and no incomplete (I) or withdrawal/failing (WF) grades. The GPAs for Dean's List are not rounded.

"The 82 student-athletes should be congratulated on their outstanding, academic achievement," said Vice President of Student Affairs & Director of Athletics, Frank Millerick.  "Their success in the classroom, particularly during a global pandemic, is exemplary. For all of us, and especially our college students, the last 10 months has presented its share of challenges, however, these students rose above these challenges and continued their extraordinary success in the classroom."

The men's ice hockey program had the most student-athletes on the Dean's List with 17. Baseball came next with 12 student-athletes, followed closely by women's lacrosse and women's ice hockey, each with nine on the Dean's List.

In total, Becker College recognized 450 total students for the Fall 2020 Dean's List. Below are the 82 student-athletes recognized by the College, in alphabetical order by last name.

First Name Last Name Sport(s)
Francisco Armenta Football
Timothy Atkins Men's Ice Hockey
Derrick Audain Men's Soccer
Yesenia Aviles Volleyball
Madisyn Barnaby Women's Basketball
Kristen Beidleman Women's Soccer
Keegan Brick Football & Baseball
Sydney Brierly Women's Soccer
Margaret Brooks Women's Soccer
Kylie Bulger Equestrian
Emma Campbell Equestrian
Victoria Chiuchiolo Women's Lacrosse
Jonathan Christy Men's Soccer
Kira Clinkscale Women's Basketball
Anthony Conforti Baseball
Clare Conway Women's Ice Hockey & Women's Lacrosse
Tarra Coppinger Women's Basketball
Zacary Crawford Men's Soccer
Valerie Elizarraraz Volleyball
Sarah Ellis Softball
Cameron Gaylor Men's Ice Hockey
Maddie Gesmondi Equestrian
Edward Greig Baseball
Saige Guzzetti Equestrian
Cooper Harris Baseball
Hannah Harvey Women's Soccer
Michael Hladky Baseball
Ian Hofmann Men's Ice Hockey
Coby Hussey Baseball
Chloe Isola Women's Lacrosse
Tyler Kaye Baseball
Kylian Kelly Women's Ice Hockey & Women's Lacrosse
Anya Laxton Women's Ice Hockey
Connor Lenaghan Men's Ice Hockey
Christian Leon Men's Ice Hockey
Holly Letourneau Softball
Andrew LoRusso Men's Ice Hockey
Amy  MacGlashing Women's Ice Hockey
Rebecca Maloy Women's Lacrosse
Olivia McGuiness Volleyball
Charles McLaughlin Men's Basketball
Brendan Meyer Men's Ice Hockey
Lindsay Mitchell Softball
Nicholas Mokanos Baseball
Madelyn Morgan Women's Ice Hockey
Payton Musco Baseball
Jared Newell Men's Ice Hockey
Shannon O'Toole Women's Soccer
Cymiah Patterson Women's Basketball
Zachary Pendenza Men's Ice Hockey
Kimberly Perkins Women's Soccer
Hunter Phillips Men's Ice Hockey
Victoria Pilpel Women's Ice Hockey
Dash Quarterolo Men's Ice Hockey
Julia Ravenelle Women's Ice Hockey
Shelby Reaugh Women's Ice Hockey & Women's Lacrosse
Joseph Ressler Equestrian
Mateus Ribeiro Men's Basketball
Noah Rivera Baseball
Kelly Robbins Women's Ice Hockey
Jordan Rose-Wheatly Men's Basketball
Joshua Sanchez Men's Ice Hockey
Cameron Sangster Men's Ice Hockey
Kevin Santiago Baseball
Jessica Santoro Equestrian
Gabriella Savage Women's Lacrosse
Jenna Savoie Volleyball
Evelyn Sheehan Volleyball
Olivia Sherwood Women's Soccer & Women's Lacrosse
Elizabeth Simonian Softball
Adam Stanneck Men's Soccer
Donovan Tehan Men's Ice Hockey
Ashley Veillette Softball
Justin Veith Football
Michael Veneziano Football
Austin Wheatly Men's Ice Hockey
Nicholas Whipple Football
Mckinley White Women's Basketball
Romain Wild Men's Ice Hockey
Michael Wilson Men's Ice Hockey
Molly Young Equestrian