Lichten, Six Hawks Named To The Annual Steve “Merc” Morris All-Star Team

Lichten, Six Hawks Named To The Annual Steve “Merc” Morris All-Star Team


25th Annual Steve "Merc" Morris All-Star Team

The Worcester Area Football Association All-Star Team is named in the memory of Steve "Merc" Morris, the longtime Assistant Director of Athletics for Media Relations and Assumption Hall of Famer. "Merc" was a 1972 graduate of Assumption and was a member of the athletics staff for 39 years before passing away in January of 2011. In addition to being the founder of the Worcester Area Association All-Star program, he was a tireless supporter of collegiate athletics in the Worcester area and had a key role in the lives of thousands of student-athletes.



Brendan Flaherty, Holy Cross, Jr. WR



Jarrod Casey, Assumption, Jr. DB



Cole Tracy, Assumption, So. PK



Deonte Harris, Assumption, Fr. WR



Bob Chesney, Assumption 

Mike Lichten, Becker






QUARTERBACKS                                College                        Cl.        Ht         Wt        Hometown

1st   Peter Pujals (13-2, 14-2)                Holy Cross                    So.       6-2        195       Glenview, IL

2nd  Garrett Dellechiaie (13-2, 14-2)       Fitchburg State             Jr.        6-0        175       Leominster, MA

2nd  Nas Sinkfield-Shelton                   Becker                          So.       5-11      160       New Rochelle, NY


RUNNING BACKS                                College                        Cl.        Ht         Wt        Hometown

1st   Alex Shain                                   Assumption                  Jr.        6-1        225       Sanford, ME

1st   Zach Grasis (13-1)                        WPI                              Sr.        6-0        215       E. Brookfield, MA          

1st   Kemani Jones                              Worcester State            Sr.        5-11      205       Milton, MA

2nd  James Ward                                 Assumption                  Sr.        5-9        190       New Haven, CT


TIGHT ENDS                                       College                        Cl.        Ht         Wt        Hometown

1st   Devin Summiel                             Fitchburg State             Jr.        6-2        210       Tewksbury, MA

2nd  Cody Lynn                                   Assumption                  So.       6-3        225       Saco, ME


WIDE RECEIVERS                              College                        Cl.        Ht         Wt        Hometown

1st   Brendan Flaherty                          Holy Cross                    Jr.        6-2        200       Beverly, MA

1st   Deonte Harris                               Assumption                  Fr.        5-8        175       Baltimore, MD

1st   Ashton Grant                                Assumption                  So.       6-3        200       Manchester, CT

1st   Kalif Raymond                             Holy Cross                    Sr.        5-9        160       Lawrenceville, GA

2nd  DeJahn Dawkins                          Becker                          Sr.        5-11      160       E. Hartford, CT              

2nd  Ty Spencer                                  Fitchburg State             Sr.        6-2        200       Foxboro, MA

2nd Derrick Warren                             Nichols                         So.       6-0        170       Fort Lauderdale, FL


OFFENSIVE LINE                               College                        Cl.        Ht         Wt        Hometown

1st   Sully Crotty                                  Assumption                  Sr.        6-5        270       Saratoga Springs, NY

1st   Chad DellaPorta                           WPI                              Jr.        6-0        260       Billerica, MA      

1st   Timothy Farina (13-1, 14-1)            Becker                          Sr.        5-11      275       E. Lyme, CT

1st   Kevin Grey (13-2, 14-2)                 Anna Maria                    Sr.        6-3        230       Middleboro, MA

1st   DJ DeGeorge                               Assumption                  Jr.        6-5        275       Lynnfield, MA    

2nd  Bobby Braun                                Fitchburg State             Sr.        6-2        250       Roebling, NJ

2nd  Cory Stirling                                 WPI                              Sr.        6-3        300       Easton, CT

2nd  James Murray                              Holy Cross                    Jr.        6-5        290       Wilmette, IL

2nd  Chris Walles (14-2)                        Worcester State            So.       6-3        290       Feeding Hills, MA

2nd  Austin Jones                                Nichols                         Fr.        6-2        300       Dudley, MA


PLACEKICKERS                                 College                        Cl.        Ht         Wt        Hometown

1st     Cole Tracy                                                Assumption                          So.          6-0          185         Camarillo, CA

2nd  Jacob Holmes                              Becker                          Jr.        5-8        190       Worcester, MA


RETURN SPECIALISTS                       College                        Cl.        Ht         Wt        Hometown

1st   Deonte Harris                               Assumption                  Fr.        5-8        175       Baltimore, MD

2nd  Kalif Raymond (12-2)                    Holy Cross                    Sr.        5-9        160       Lawrenceville, GA

2nd  Terrence Gibson                           Worcester State            Sr.        6-2        190       Rockland, MA




DEFENSIVE LINE                               College                        Cl.        Ht         Wt        Hometown

1st   Dereck Pacheco                           WPI                              So.       6-3        230       Barnstable, MA

1st   Alexander Stewart                        Becker                          Jr.        5-10      315       Gifford, FL

1st   William Contois                            Nichols                         Jr.        6-0        225       Palmer, MA

1st   DeWayne Cameron                       Holy Cross                    Sr.        6-4        250       Tamarac, FL

2nd  Peter Salem                                 WPI                              Sr.        6-1        265       Dracut, MA

2nd  Mike Calafiore                              Becker                          Sr.        6-2        215       Franklin, NJ

2nd  Kevin Ihlefeld                               Assumption                  Sr.        6-0        240       Norfolk, MA

2nd  Cyrick Watford                             Fitchburg State             Fr.        6-1        230       Meriden, CT


LINEBACKERS                                   College                        Cl.        Ht         Wt        Hometown

1st   Luis Feliz (14-1)                            Fitchburg State             Sr.        5-11      210       Clinton, MA

1st   Brian Murtagh (14-1)                     WPI                              Jr.        6-0        205       Wayland, MA

1st   Brett McEvoy                               Nichols                         So.       6-1        215       Wrentham, MA

1st   Shane Gleim                                Worcester State            Jr.        6-0        215       N. Grosvenordale, CT

2nd  Mike Sinto (14-2)                          Anna Maria                    So.       5-8        210       Long Island, NY 

2nd  Nick Valenti                                  Assumption                  Jr.        6-0        235       Troy, NY

2nd  Kyle Young                                  Holy Cross                    Jr.        6-0        215       Roxbury, NJ

2nd  Malcolm Brown-Simpson              Fitchburg State             Jr.        6-0        220       Lynn, MA


DEFENSIVE BACKS                            College                        Cl.        Ht         Wt        Hometown

1st   Jarrod Casey                               Assumption                  Jr.        6-0        205       Milford, MA

1st   Davin Collins (14-2)                      Becker                          Jr.        5-10      170       Far Rockaway, NY

1st   Taron Seaforth-Howard (14-1)        Fitchburg State             Sr.        6-0        185       Lynn, MA

1st   Asante Easter                              Fitchburg State             Sr.        6-0        205       Taunton, MA      

2nd Eric Lacroix (13-2, 14-2)                WPI                              Sr.        6-1        175       Methuen, MA

2nd  Matt Bhaya (13-1)                         Holy Cross                    Sr.        6-0        190       Haddonfield, NJ

2nd  Bryan Gencarelli                           Worcester State            Sr.        5-10      175       Niantic, CT

2nd  Bakari Blunt (14-1)                        Assumption                  Jr.        5-11      180       Mount Pleasant, SC


PUNTERS                                           College                        Cl.        Ht         Wt        Hometown

1st   Connor Fitzgerald (14-1)                Holy Cross                    Sr.        6-2        200       Bloomington, IN

2nd Stefano Marziale                          Anna Maria                    Jr.        5-8        195       Cranston, RI